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The purpose of city movers NYC is to help people who are moving within the country. It is not financial aid or material help that is given by these companies in fact these companies are meant to assist the move. As better chances of employment are found in other places people prefer to move to those places along with their families. At times people have to leave their homes because their companies ask them to in case of a transfer or the need of a contract with the employer. Sometimes, reasons for moving a quite personal like the death of a spouse causing the other one to move nearer to relatives or siblings. Sometimes, people of old age tend to abandon their homes and shift into an old home. This kind of moving is probably the most difficult one for moving companies. Because, they have to advise about packing stuff that involves some sort of emotional attachment with the person who is moving. Moving within the country is four times as common as moving out of it.

The staff at our company is trained at packing things in categorized containers and boxes after which it is loaded onto our trucks. We then move the boxes to the destination and allow you to accompany us on our van if you want.

Special care of items needs to be taken while you are on the move. In Cast Away we all remember Tom Hanks yelling and screaming and he cried for his football Wilton. Why wouldn't he as the football was his friends and companion for four years. He would have gone crazy without it. Moving companies understand the attachments that people develop with items of this nature. People are not willing to dispose of stuff because it reminds them of someone or it is something that has been with them since childhood. Chelsea Moving and Storage takes full care while we are transporting stuff of any nature because we do not want any kind of harm to come to it.

We have boxes of different sizes in order to store your things for future retrieval. CDs, Books and stuff toys go in the smaller ones. Decoration items are reserved for the medium sized boxes which are usually lined with something if the things inside are fragile. Whatever box it is, the reason is the safety of your stuff which is the responsibility of city movers NYC.

For your local or long distance moves, call the original Chelsea Movers at 212-243-8000 or toll free at 800-414-MOVE!


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