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Piano is not an item that is frequently found in homes hence piano movers NYC exist to take care of them on a move. It is something unique and rare and that is because it is something quite expensive. Moving a piano from one place to another is not just a matter of dragging, pulling or pushing. Rather it is something that involves a lot of care and expertise. The piano is a fragile item and any damage to the piano can not only be costly to repair; it can also cause a damage to the quality of notes that are produced by the piano. Any damage to the piano while it is being moved can reduce the value of the piano by quite an extent. Chelsea Moving and Storage can move your piano to a new location in special containers and covers. These covers are meant to keep the item safe from any scratch, abrasive damage or breakage.

A piano is very heavy and because of its weight combined with its fragility it is best if a proper plan is devised before moving the piano. At Chelsea Moving and Storage there will be no worries when it comes to moving your piano because everything from the packing to the unpacking and it between will be taken care of. Our staff will make sure that they cover your piano in containers and covers that are best suited and then lift it in a way as to reduce any chances of damage. Our staff members are strong and sturdy men who can lift heavy weights. As a plan for moving the piano is being devised a part is allocated to every staff member so each one of them knows where there job begins. We are of the opinion that you should involve a good moving company that knows what it is doing and for that matter we believe that our quality assurance is the best in town.

We focus on the quality of the service that we provide which gives you a unique moving experience. If in any case you have to move your piano again you would be calling us without any hesitation.

You will not find better facilities than we have Chelsea Moving and Storage because we provide you with versatile services that not only involve piano movers NYC, rather we also cater to your moving needs when it comes to moving homes, offices, storage and moving out of the town.

For your local or long distance moves, call the original Chelsea Movers at 212-243-8000 or toll free at 800-414-MOVE!


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